DW-6 "Uniform Beauties"

90 Minutes $39.50 VHS or PAL-VHS

Starring:  Cheyenne Tyler, Ginger Valpetta, Stacey Burke, Monique Cortez,
Sabrina Mills, Stephanie Anderson, Monika Raymond and Alexis Taylor.     

If the sight of a beautiful woman in a uniform gets your pulse racing then the sight of several beautiful women in a variey of uniforms tightly bound and gagged should get your blood boiling!!   Cheyenne Tyler kicks off the program as a sexy bound and gagged nurse and ends up hogtied as a French maid.  Ginger Valpetta is next as the "classic" schoolgirl who gets bound and gagged with onscreen tying from beginning to end, and following Ginger is beautiful Stacey Burke who gets tightly bound and anchored to the bed as a hapless, helpless, security guard.  The ever so feisty Monique Cortez is back and as energetic and lively as ever as she practically tips over her chair from her violent struggling......very intense scene as she really attempts to escape her bonds to no avail........Sabrina Mills is next with another one of her great high energy performances as a tightly hogtied Police Officer and Stephanie Anderson is a gloved security guard who gets tightly bound and gagged on camera from beginning to end and puts up quite a fight in the process. Newcomer Monika Raymond is next as the "girly" schoolgirl who struggles from room to room in her apartment in her futile attempts to get unbound and ungagged and last but not least is Alexis Taylor who dons Military and Sheriffs uniforms for her highly energetic and wide eyed performances.  Beautiful women, tight, inescapable bondage, and unshakable, mouth filling gags is what it all boils down to once again.......no fluff, no glamour, no pretty ropes, simply 100% pure helplessness.

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