DW-14 "Bra and Panties Bound" PRE-SALE

87 minutes $39.50 VHS or PAL-VHS or DVD

Starring: Angie Nova, Missy Anderson, Akira Lane, Loretta Reeves, Anna Tan, Jane Fujisaki, and Mercedes Delane.

If Beautiful women clad in just their Bra and Panties.......there is something sexy about it.......even women think the bra and panty look is sexy......but its even sexier when they are tightly tied up and gagged while wearing their sexy bra and panties!! Spunky Angie Nova kicks off this video with a BANG tumbling hard out of a chair and onto the floor squirming and gagtalking up storm. Lots of great barefoot shots in this scene......following Angie is busty Missy Anderson.......who loves the physical challenge bondage presents to her........Missy is a tough lady and puts up one hell of a fight in her two bedroom scenes. The long wait for Akira Lane is over as she puts on her bondage debut in this scene........you will see just how Feisty and energetic this lovely Asian lady is in this scene.......not to mention tough as nails. Dominant domina Loretta Reeves is another tough one as she endures some really strict bondage and gags and fights it every step of the way in her two garage bound scenes........really tight bondage and a great fighter in these scenes. Anna Tans first bondage experience gets her balltied and blindfolded in her garage as well..........followed by Asian favorite Jane Fujisaki whose big boobs are busting.......or should I say "falling out" of her size D bra while she intensely squirms and gagtalks. Finishing up is Mercedes Delane who loves being tightly, inescapably bound and gagged.......and enjoys fighting her bondage just as much..........this video is intense with lots of squirming, gagtalking, and of course on camera gagging with packed, taped, and wrapped mouths in every scene.

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