DW-1 Captured Cuties

80 Minutes $39.50 VHS or PAL-VHS

Starring: Monique Cortez, Sabrina Mills, and Stacy Burke

Voluptuous Monique Cortez gets captured walking in the front door of her house, while sleeping, and sitting at her desk in her office. Each time she awakes to find herself tightly bound and within seconds Dominic appears to pack her mouth on camera and leave her to struggle. Sabrina Mills is next and she finds herself getting grabbed and captured at her desk, walking out of her office, and coming in her front door. Each time she awakes she too finds herself tightly bound with Dominic coming in to gag her on camera and leaving her to find her own way out of her predicament. Gorgeous Stacy Burke gets grabbed and chloroformed at the top of her stairs wearing a sexy dress, then she is a college girl coming home and gets captured, bound and gagged in her foyer. Highly energetic damsels, tight inescapable bondage, and Dominics signature onscreen gagging in every scene makes this a video you don't want to miss!!

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